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we make and sell leather goods, the M-Mates, SS buttons, caps, and some more,
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非常愉快能夠為您服務, 謝謝訪問我的網頁。 Luigi

Shipping rules: dear (possible) buyers, although we are always using the MOST reliable shipping
ways, as UPS, DHL, EMS, and the less costly Registered Air Mail, it must be very clear that we are
NOT responsible for any shipping risk after that we have carefully sent the sold items. Of course,
the SAFETY of our parcels, when them are on the way to reach you, is out from our control. Then,
I must enhance this WARNING: we will issue a full refund OR a 2nd similar item shipment ONLY if you
will request (and purchase) a FULLY INSURED SHIPPING, adding an extra Eur 10 for insuring your
purchase, even for low cost items. UPS charges Eur 10 for items from Eur 1, to Eur 1000 !
: for cases and straps parcels, an insurance consist in a 2nd shipment of the ordered items,
NOT in a payment refund
 - Thank you for your understanding  


Gianni e Pat via Tacito specchio 1968.jpg (65853 byte)

Luigi and Patrizia at the mirror,via Tacito 90
Roma, summer 1968 (married in 1969...)

Pat e Gianni mare.JPG (36890 byte)

...and ten years later, at the seaside, 1978...

Same day ? Me and Jack ! :-)


      Dear collectors,photographers,friends,
  Luigi ("Time") started its activity on 1982, offering IN STOCK a lot of
  Leica rarities, but also Zeiss, Rollei, Hasselblad, Italian cameras,
  Leica copies. Our "old" customers are proprietors of really large
  collections, and they often give us the availability of very interesting
  photo items. Our inventory changes daily,and we can search
  cameras on special request. We also buy, obviously, and we hope
  to receive your offers of interesting cameras, lenses, accessories.
  Please, send by e-mail your seeking list or offers.


  Best regards, Luigi Crescenzi      (phone ++39 337 747633)

  We are always, 
slowly upgrading the site    
March 2022

Gianni picc+Isa+Lilla bagnetto.jpg (77137 byte) Gianni 1950 comunione.JPG (27794 byte)  
I am the happy child in the water,1943, then, 1950, my 1st communion 
. I made my first pictures since 1948, as a young Boy Scout, with 
a simple "Leica copy" (a destiny ?) named Klein, that my father 
presented to me for my 7th birthday, probably unaware to plan my 
future as a... PHOTOGRAPHER - The "Klein" camera, despite his 
German name, was made in Roma, too... A my recent picture with Pat...

Yes, at 9/10 years old, I was already always wearing my little camera, the "Klein" (Italian), pictures here below 
In this old picture I see: my beloved dad Renzo (right), my school close friend Luigi Perrone (Relli), his sister Vittoria (with glasses), standing on the 
left the expert tractor driver Umberto Profili, seated at the tractor (MY own tractor American, Oliver!) a friend of my family, the antiquarian Lucio Del Re, 
and always walking around us, my sweet dog, Jack ! At the time, I was working, too, as a tractor driver, day and night, helping my father, when 
in the Summer (and any other time) I was free from my school duties... I still love the agriculture, not only the sea 
at that time, our Oliver tractor was the largest in the Viterbo Province ! (Tuscia...) And, at 20 years old...

Ah, here my other tractor in the early sixtie's ! A RED Nuffield. Not a my own picture, but I was WORKING with it a lot, when I was a TEENager !


an happy Summer shower, when I was a 70 kg guy... (20 years old...)

my Beloved Patrizia, with our sweet cat "Stinky"... 

 Kleinfront.jpg (110421 byte) 
Kleinsdr.jpg (129854 byte) Kleinfcluptopengr.jpg (110317 byte) GianniFototesseraSmart.jpg (36955 byte) 

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        great Ghester Sartorius,with Patrizia,in my house     Patrizia with Manuel Fangio, and our "old" friends Gianni and Dada Rondanini        

           A young(er) Luigi. I am been SLIM ! J Anita, in the Fellini movie,   Pat and me, at the mirror   "Just married",  my treasures !   Pat and me on a boat, September 1980                        
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"Choco"   Luigi's military

Some of our more costly items will be shipped perfectly packed
into one of those special, robust Luigi's boxes  

shipping options
NOW I ship by DHL or seldom UPS
DHL/UPS shipping to EU and USA until 500 grams Euro 30, Asian countries Euro 42, or more.
shipping to EU and USA until 1000 grams Euro 38, Asian countries Euro 50, or more.
NO MORE by POST, SORRY (too much queue, and costly, too...

(but there are more costly exceptions - Russia, AU as example...)  
Another very special product MADE and offered by Luigi - Eur 40 each,
SOLID STAINLESS STEEL, It's a pleasure to be handled

Another very special product MADE and offered by Luigi - Eur 40 each,
as a special "introductory" offer... SOLID STAINLESS STEEL, It's a pleasure to be handled
for any info, and figured prices, please click here : Luigi