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we changed name, brand, embossings, site, and domain (same company), please click below :

DEAR SIRS, YOU ARE NOW SURFING MY NEW WEB SITE: 18-6-17 - I inform you that the leicatime ONE has been CLOSED
please, be confident, it's the same company, the same Luigi and Ginevra, the same VAT #, the same, 
usual fast and reliable service of before, (I need some time, but I will improve soon this new site), 
and, of course, the same, well known address : via Courmayeur 35, 00135 Roma, Italy

the same Luigi phone, too, available also through WhatsApp : +39 337 747633
our email addresses changed, too... Please, click here : Luigi - or - Ginevra
ATTENTION: for my "how to purchase" INFO page, please click HERE - Partita IVA: IT 06822200587

No credit cards, sorry, but you may use them with 
PayPal gladly accepted, but all payments MUST to be received NET from the 4% fee, sorry 

June 2017 ---------------

MY ONLY shipping address, for items or payments:
Luigi Crescenzi, via Courmayeur 35, 00135 Roma, Italy
to email me : luigi

Any new suggested link will be considered

A very cute illustrated Leica "historica" images site -

Bill Cress's site, the kindest and most supplied dealer of Flashguns and Flashbulbs

A recent, interesting site mostly dedicated to Rolleiflex TLR Photography, ALTAIR, have a look...

This is the link to the Italian Rolleiclub:  a delicious site of a fine photographer... Look

The interesting Minox Riga group

Stock Photo Images is dedicated to providing stock photo images through our simple, easy-to-use website.
They have been selling stock photo images and creating them for the past thirty years.


 M3boxedTag741000outfit.jpg (296917 byte) HOMEPAGE

A small item that represents one of the "secrets" of many professional photographers...
A new very special product MADE and offered by Luigi
Please, look attentively... I am introducing the NEW two "soft shutter releases"
buttons for Leica and other cameras, 16 mm diameter for your finger's comfort.
For Bessas I am making them smaller - I know, several are offered around.
But, those two models are made in SOLID STAINLESS STEEL
TWO models: "Concave" and "Convex" - 20 each, choose yours
I suggest you to purchase it/them along with a case, avoiding to pay the shipping
cost for the soft release, alone - I already placed one in EACH of my cameras

my solid SS soft shutter release buttons, please make your choice 
about camera, model (Convex or Concave), and color. Export price, Eur 20 each

here below, my new SS buttons for Leica MM, M/MP240, and later...