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June 2017 ---------------

Dear visitors, this page is made with the purpose to show you
some pictures, mostly made from customers & friends. I hope that
you will enjoy them, and I will (try to) post your possible comments and pics !

by Albert Knapp, fine photographer and great traveler, a "Greenland view n 3", September 2015

Happyness in the country (my 4 beloved grand sons...)

UAE desert, Fossil Rock, by Alex Ritter

Wadi Rum, Lawrence of Arabia home, by Alex Ritter

Eagle take-off (courtesy Capt. Ethan Lee)

Matera at dusk, by Adam Marelli (2011)

Roma, Cappella Sistina, particolare (by Dr. Albert Knapp) (Better than official pictures !)

"Pure Beauty" by E. Crescenzi (May, 2012)

Courtesy Jerzy Lemanczyk, with the "maligned" Leitz Summarit 50/1.5 old lens !

Antarctic, a "Smailing Seal", by Dr. Albert Knapp, 2011  (!)

Roma Ice Cream,
by David J. Carol, Summer 2010

Mount Everest seen from... Courtesy Philip Rome, Australia (taglio)

LIGHTS, by Andrew Grochocki, Australia

YELLOWS, by Andrew Grochocki, Australia

Dolomiti, Italy (2007) - courtesy P. V. Tristaino

Joungest Trumpet - (Valgardena, Italy - 08/06)
Courtesy V. Tristaino

Yean-Yves Reynaud, Camel,
in the Hoggar range (southern Algeria)

Ponte Vasco da Gama, Lisbon, Portugal (M6, Summilux 1.4/35, orange filter, Ilford XP-2 SUPER)
courtesy Carsten Manske

a Strasbourg view, Europe
by Dr. M. D. Albert Knapp

Dogshow 2004, Gent, Belgium, copyright Tarcio Nanne, the Netherlands

In an incredible 3rd class train coach, Vietnam
by Jean-Yves Reynaud (Summer 2005)

No words...

Yean-Yves Reynaud, bird & cariatid in Venice, Italy

An Italian view, Asolo (TV), by Ferdinando Buffetti

L. C., Italy   "Trimaran at The Baths", Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

M. Chiapponi, Italy, "Albero e Luna al tramonto"

Kent Tolley, Brown Pelikan, California

Kent Tolley, oceanside, California

Luigi Crescenzi, Italy  "Sailing Nile", Egypt
pictured with the very 1st digital camera model ever introduced ! :-)

Kent Tolley, oceanside, California

L. C., Italy, Roman archaeology at Ostia Antica (Roma), Storage Dolium (Dolia), June 2004